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Harkind Dynamics is currently half way through the second phase of a Small Business Innovative Research project funded through the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office (JIFCO) to develop a long-range, untethered Human Electro-muscular Incapacitation (HEMI) munition.  This program essentially packages the functionality of other conducted energy weapons (CEW), which have limited range and operational effectiveness, into a small-arms form factor capable of being deployed from standard-issue shoulder-fired weapons.  

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This technology is broken into five subsystems:  Controls, Prime Power, Pulsed Power, Electrode Deployment, and Ranging.  It uses a special combination of smokeless powder to achieve lower muzzle velocity, but can still be fired from any commercially available 12-gauge pump action shotgun.  The flight trajectory is flat enough to accurately engage targets out to 100-plus meters.  The Electrode Deployment Subsystem decelerates the munition to a safer impact velocity to minimize blunt injury prior to ejecting the electrodes toward the target to deliver muscular tetanization.  

After it exits the muzzle of the weapon, it begins emitting electromagnetic pings to determine its relative position to the intended target.  When it is within a predetermined range, it initiates the first stage of the EDS and ejects a parachute to decelerate to a safe impact velocity.  The parachute ejection sequence, from initiation to full-open is less than thirty milliseconds, and effectively reduces the munitions velocity by over fifty percent in only four meters.  

Human safety is paramount for this effort, from both blunt impact injury and HEMI perspectives.  The pulsed power system has been designed to use a different, more efficient waveform than other CEW and leverages the most recent independent bioeffects research to limit and monitor (in real time) electrical charge delivery only to the extent the target loses posture and remains in a subdued condition.  The system can initiate additional pulse trains either manually, after receiving instruction from an external operator remote, or automatically by autonomously monitoring target movement.

Our compact small-arms munition technology will fill a well-known intermediate force escalation capability gap for JIFCO, where operators and law enforcement can safely and effectively engage threats at extended range while preserving target safety.  The munition is also designed for reuse and repackaging, resulting in lower cost burden to customers.

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