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Data. Data. Data.

Data is the foundation of assessing performance.  We deliver technology backed by tailored data analysis to prove our designs meet or exceed expectations.

Focused, tailored test series based on expected life cycle environmental and performance profiles is the beginning of good data.  We have led test efforts for numerous military and space programs using a wide variety of test standards.  

  • Transportation Vibration

  • Shock

  • Temperature and Humidity

  • Submersion

  • Gun and Projectile Tests

  • Space Vehicle Launch

  • Warhead Characterization

  • Blast and Fragmentation

  • Insensitive Munitions Tests

  • Hazard Classification

  • Lethality

  • Electrical System Tests

Naval gunfire.jpg

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition

We tailor our instrumentation and testing to gather the most meaningful information so we can develop metrics and analyses which tell the true story.  We transform transducer response to a visual, meaningful result. Our data acquisition equipment includes a high speed oscilloscope, scanning multiplexers and process controllers, piezoelectric and piezoresistive transducers, and modular chassis with built-in, customizable signal conditioning and filtering.  We leverage the LabView and MatLab programming environments to tailor data acquisition and processing to our customers needs

Tektronix MDO34.JPG
Data Acquisition.JPG
  • Load and Force

  • Acceleration

  • Temperature

  • Strain

  • Pressure

  • Sound

  • High Speed Video

  • Fluid and Gas Flow

  • Humidity

  • Electrical

Transform Test Data into Meaningful Results


We understand the signal content of our measurements, which allows us to select the right transducer and data acquisition settings for your application.  The transformation from raw data to results focuses on your needs and success criteria. We adapt our analyses to meet you where you need to be and so you have zero ambiguity on your path forward.

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